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Zuluk Homestay:

Zuluk Homestays at Zuluk, maintained by INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN, on the Sikkim Old Silk Route trail comprises of two units: 

1. The Zuluk Sojourn and 2. The Zuluk Beacons

For Bookings of rooms and Tour packages of the Old Silk Route, Call Us on :

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Zuluk Sojourn Homestay and Zuluk Beacons Homestay 

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay and Zuluk Beacons Homestay are among the best homestays in Zuluk for those seeking to spend some quality time in the lap of nature and marvel the unparalleled beauty of the Kanchendzonga along the Sikkim Old Silk Route

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay and Zuluk Beacons Homestay should definitely be your "All Season Sojourn" for visiting the Sikkim Old Silk Route trail any time of the year. Their warm hospitality, and professional service with a humane touch is bound to captivate your heart and make your stay comfortable and worth the experience.

Zuluk or Dzuluk derived its importance from its location on the historic Sikkim Old Silk Route. The route started from Kalimpong and passed through Pedong, Aritar, Rongli, Lingtam, Padamchen, Zuluk and Jelepla onto the Chumbi valley in Tibet. Zuluk was a transit on the Old Silk Route. Today Zuluk in East Sikkim has emerged as an ideal tourist Destination and a "Must See tourist destination of Sikkim". It is an ALL SEASON DESTINATION with every season unfolding a unique picture perfect postcard.

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay offers comfortable and cozy stay options, the best of its kind for Zuluk, your abode in the clouds. 

Go for nature walk, explore the wilderness and the bewitching beauty of the silk route.

The location of this homestay is sure to captivate your imagination.

Oh yes !! do not miss the amazing Sunset from the Zuluk Sojourn Homestay.

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay rooms

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay Rooms 

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay is one of the oldest homestays offering comfortable and cozy stay options, the best of its kind for Zuluk, your abode in the clouds. 

Warm hospitality, tasty food and a panoramic view of the beauty of Zuluk are the USP of Zuluk Sojourn homestay. You can also enjoy a bonfire and barbecue in the evening at additional cost.

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Zuluk Sojourn Homestay Room Interior

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay room Interior

Zuluk Sojourn Homestay houses two rooms with two double beds in each room, capable of offering hospitality and accommodation for a maximum of 08 persons in 02 rooms.

The rooms provide scenic view of the valley, the zigzag roads and the multi levels of mountains. You also get to capture one of the most fascinating view of the sunset from the balcony.

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Zuluk Beacons Homestay

Zuluk Beacons Homestay

Zuluk Beacons Homestay in Zuluk - exterior view

Zuluk Beacons Homestay is located on the top of a small hillock in Zuluk and it offers a lovely view of the sunset with no obstruction in front. Excellent location for capturing the scenic beauty of Zuluk. Apt for lazing ones time watching the sunset

Total No of Rooms at the homestay : 04

Zuluk Beacons Homestay

Zuluk Beacons Homestay - Two Double Beds in each rooms

Each of the rooms have Two Double beds in them to cater to the needs of about 04 guests in each room. Each room can be used as a family room type as well. Rooms are well lit and well maintained.

Total No of such rooms: 03    View Zuluk Beacons Room photos

Zuluk Beacons Homestay

Zuluk Beacons Homestay- Three Double Beds in each room

This big room has three Double Beds and upon requirement an additional bed can also be added.This room can accommodate 06 persons. It offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset over Zuluk from the room.

Total No of such rooms : 01   View Zuluk Beacons Room photos

Zuluk Homestay